Service Mesh Day Recap

Here’s what you missed, or may want to revisit, from Service Mesh Day, the world’s first industry conference focused on service mesh.

March 29, 2019 marked the inaugural Service Mesh Day, hosted by Tetrate. We brought in pioneers in networking and security to provide a guiding vision for the community and projects. With over 260 registered attendees, 35+ speakers, and 8 sponsors, Service Mesh Day 2019 was a great success and a historic event for the community.

The pre-conference day included a workshop on the basics of Envoy and Istio, led by one of Tetrate’s founding engineers, Zack Butcher. The four-hour workshop, including hands-on lab sessions, provided a room full of engineers an opportunity to dive deep into service mesh. In the afternoon, our pre-conference engaged all-star attendees, from AWS’s Tony Pujals and Verizon’s Michael Cieplak to Tigera’s Karthik Prabhakar and IBM’s Ram Vennam.

Varun Talwar of Tetrate and Lyft’s Matt Klein kicked off Service Mesh Day 2019 in the standing-room-only hall on Friday morning. Presentation highlights from an amazing lineup of speakers and panelists included sessions with Larry Peterson of ONF, Eric Brewer of Google, Louis Ryan of Google, David Ferraiolo of NIST, Chris Aniszczyk of CNCF, Lee Calcote of Layer5, and a lineup of leaders from Tetrate. Diverse and incisive panelists purveyed strategies around service mesh and insights into its future. With service mesh still a young technology, we are very proud to have given an opportunity for leaders and enthusiasts space to talk about the why, how and core identity of service mesh.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Service Mesh technology is in its incipient stages, but customers are actively leveraging service mesh for production use cases, and are increasingly in active pursuit of service mesh architectures. Watch Louis Ryan of Google talk about the massive blooming of enterprise interest in service mesh, and how it can deliver flexibility and control to satisfy two constituencies in organizations: app developers who don’t want to think about networks, and administrators and operators who can manage the control plane.
  2. Envoy Proxy is becoming a universal data plane and is now widely accepted by customers such as Lyft, Verizon, Yelp, and Square. Watch Suresh Visvanathan (Verizon Media) and Eric Brewer (UC Berkeley) describe service mesh use cases, from canary testing and progressive rollouts to distributive tracing and securing traffic flow between apps without code changes.Some of the challenges faced by customers, as shared by our panelists during the Service Mesh Day, around managing Envoy/ maintaining configurations, are mitigated by Tetrate’s GetEnvoy offering.
  3. Though Istio is relatively less mature than Envoy, the industry appears to be standardizing around Istio, as echoed by our panelists and recent publication from Gartner.
  4. David Ferraiolo’s talk on Next Generation Access Control was well received. Tetrate Q provides an opinionated implementation of NGAC, enabling an authorization framework for multi-cloud environments.
  5. Industry leaders such as Google and AWS have offerings such as Istio on GKE and AWS App Mesh to enable service mesh use cases on public cloud environments.

Were you a part of Service Mesh Day? Please post your presentations and takeaways at #servicemeshday & fill out our feedback survey.

Service Mesh Day 2019 Conference Agenda

9 AM
Welcome Remarks Varun Talwar,CEO, Tetrate; Matt Klein, Envoy creator
9:10 AM
History of Networking and What is Next Larry Peterson, CTO, ONF
9:30 AM
Why Istio and Envoy are the Future of Networking for Distributed Systems Eric Brewer, VP Infrastructure & Google Fellow
9:50 AM
Envoy as the Standard Data Plane and Where It’s Going Matt Klein, Envoy Creator
10:10 AM
Consistent Set of Envoys in Data Centers and AppMesh Nick Coult (AWS), Taiki Ono (Tetrate)
11 AM
Envoy User Panel Ryan Michela, Salesforce; Ben Plotnick, Yelp; Snow Pettersen, Square Moderator: Matt Klein
11:30 AM
Istio and Envoy for VM and k8s Workloads Shriram Rajagopalan, Tetrate
12 PM
Revolutionizing a Bank: Introducing Service Mesh and a Secure Container Platform in a Brownfield Organization Janna Brummel & Robin van Zijll, ING
12:40 PM
CISO Panel Tom Baltis (Delta Dental Insurance Company), Ody Lupescu (Earnest Inc.), Sandeep Poonen (VMware), Richard Seiersen (Soluble) Moderator: Deepak Jeevankumar (Dell Capital)
1:30 PM
Istio is to Networking what Kubernetes is to Compute Louis Ryan, Google
2 PM
Next Generation Access Control (NGAC) for the Multi-Cloud World David Ferraiolo, NIST; Ignasi Barrera, Tetrate
2:40 PM
Network Service Mesh - Applying Service Mesh Concepts to L2/L3 Networking Frederick Kautz,
3:15 PM
All for Auth & Auth for All: Bringing End User Identity to the Service Mesh Cameron Moreau & Tian Wang, Pivotal
Seamless Cloud-Native Apps with gRPC-Web and Istio Venil Noronha, VMware
Bringing Service Mesh and Containers into Brownfield: 2 Customer Blueprints Prajakta Joshi (Google), Dhi Aurrahman (Tetrate)
Future of Service Mesh Panelists: Prajakta Joshi (Google), Suresh Visvanathan (Yahoo), Bernard Golden (Capital One), Randy Bias (Juniper Networks), Lin Sun (IBM) Moderator: Chris Aniszczyk
CNCF Perspective Chris Aniszczyk, CTO/COO, CNCF
Service Meshes, but at What Cost? Lee Calcote, Founder, Layer5
Closing Remarks Zack Butcher, Tetrate

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