Application Management

for a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud World

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Manage Services, Not Infrastructure

What if there were a service centric cloud where you can focus on managing applications rather than infrastructure? What if it were built on top of recognized open source projects and standards? That's what we are building and we think it will change the face of IT dramatically.

Manage Microservices

Easily run, manage and scale microservices in any private or public clouds or across them.

10X agility

Exponetially improve your developer productivity and operational agility, no matter where you run.

Complete Visibility and Security

Complete visibility of what is happening with decentralized security across your enterprise.

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gRPC Transcoding with Istio
25 October 2018

We present a simple gRPC transcoder tool to generate Istio EnvoyFilter config CRD based on proto files

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Getting Started with Istio on Amazon EKS
24 August 2018

Learn what Istio is, how to install it on Amazon EKS, and take a quick tour of some features.

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Istio 1.0 Nightly on EKS
2 August 2018

See how to run the latest Istio nightly on Amazon's EKS

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