Introducing GetEnvoy

What is the problem?

There are a number of challenges today to run Envoy in the enterprise environment. To name a few, they are:

  • The build process is time-consuming & resource-intensive
  • Bazel build is complex
  • Hard to manually configure Envoy
  • Docker dependency
  • Support for different OSes
  • Distribution
  • Upgrade
  • Hot restart
  • FIPS compliance

So what could be a solution that addresses these challenges? The solution must provide these characteristics:

  • Pre-built, certified Envoy builds
  • Updated everyday
  • Multiplatform support (CentOS, Ubuntu, macOS)
  • Support over Slack with Envoy maintainers
  • FIPS compliant*
  • Future additions to GetEnvoy will address configuration UX, updates & lifecycle management.

yet to be formally approved with FIPS-2 140 checklist

Tetrate’s GetEnvoy will help you build Envoy and keep up with upstream improvements

Envoy, an L7 proxy and communication bus, is a service mesh substrate that handles service discovery, load balancing, rate limiting, circuit breaking, stats, logging, tracing and more for polyglot application architectures. This powerful software was designed to abstract the network from application programmers so that they could focus on the business logic instead of application plumbing. Originally developed for Lyft, Envoy is an open source project that has been widely adopted for service mesh and ingress by major tech titans, including eBay, Pinterest, Yelp, Square, Salesforce.

But getting the latest and reliable Envoy build is not a trivial undertaking. Setting up a Bazel build environment and managing dependencies and toolchains is time and resource intensive. Envoy provides Docker images, but not separate, pre-built binaries. Complicated deployments require complex, dynamic configuration. And upstream Envoy features are released every day. Tetrate solves these problems for enterprise companies by distributing tested, certified Envoy builds for CentOS, Ubuntu, and Mac. We provide an easy way to install Envoy in multiple environments, with or without Docker. We also provide verification of release readiness of the Envoy versions we put into your build. And, we will provide several flavors of Envoy (e.g. vanilla upstream Envoy, Istio proxy) in the future.

The code snippets, to be used with an API key, illustrate how simple we make it.

GetEnvoy is available today. Sign up here to get access, and follow updates at @tetrateio #getenvoyproxy. If you are interested in attending Service Mesh Day 2019, first ever industry conference on service mesh hosted by us, please avail of the community discount (15% off) here.

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