Tetrate Service Bridge Security

Organization-aware access controls with audit and compliance


Simplify policy enforcement by extending the capabilities of a service mesh to your entire application fleet. App-level zoning allows for secure, fine-grained segmentation. Vetted workflows allow application, platform, and infosec teams to effectively manage policies for the entire organization. A centralized view of config changes with policy controls enables audit and continuous proof of compliance.


Governance and Compliance

Ensure and prove governance and compliance

Tetrate Service Bridge provides FIPS and federally certified builds, plus out-of-the box controls to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements. Audit log exports are also available to provide proof of current and historical adherence to governance and compliance standards.

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Secure Multi-Tenant Environments

Secure multitenancy

Give application teams the tools they need to manage their services without stepping on each other’s toes. Reduce the risk of accidental misconfiguration or malicious attack by limiting access to only the resources each team needs. Maintain agility while ensuring security across your organization by enforcing consistent global policies while delegating control to individual app teams.

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 End-to-end mTLS

End-to-end mTLS

Implement encryption consistently and flexibly across all workloads, including between containers and VMs. Choose TLS version support based on corporate governance policy, not the capacity of your application teams. Tetrate Service Bridge integrates with your existing public key infrastructure––including ACM and Venafi––for centralized management.

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Security - Preventing Unauthorized Access

Prevent unauthorized access

Tetrate’s built-in implementation of NIST’s next-generation access control (NGAC) provides for fine-grained, flexible segmentation, authentication and authorization. Move auth out of your applications to unburden your developers. Perform access control in Envoy between services to ensure consistent policy enforcement across your entire fleet and manage it all in one place.

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Policy-driven Security Management

Consistent, policy-driven security

Take security concerns out of the application code stack and put them in the application networking platform where they belong. Give your security team centralized control of policy for all your applications. Free your app devs from implementing security controls.

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SecurityExtend the policy enforcement capabilities of a service mesh to your entire application fleet.
ConnectivityManage application connectivity consistently across clusters, clouds, and on-premises.
ObservabilityEstablish unified monitoring, logging, and tracing for every application.
ReliabilityApplication high availability with seamless failover.

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