Tetrate Service Bridge Reliability

Application high availability with seamless failover


Ensure business continuity with the built-in scalability and high-availability capabilities of Tetrate Service Bridge, layered over Istio’s reliability primitives. TSB provides a distributed, autoscaling ingress layer across your applications plus tools to manage transparent failover—from a manual “big red button” to touch-free, automatic failover. View the context of your applications, their dependencies, and where they’re deployed to understand global health and manage SLOs across your entire fleet. Be sure your teams can measure how their apps behave and have the tools to respond to their operational needs.


Disaster Recovery Services & Software

Dynamic high availability and disaster recovery

Tetrate Service Bridge layers on top of Istio’s reliability primitives to help you deploy and operate highly-available applications. First-class support for multiple clusters makes it easy to build for high availability. TSB provides automatic failover for apps already built for it, plus a big red button to immediately control how and where traffic flows.

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Reliable Software Releases

Reliable releases

Increase release cadence with built-in tools to measure when it’s safe to release newly deployed versions of your services to live traffic. Tetrate Service Bridge gives you the confidence to move quickly plus the tools to safely roll back to a good state when needed.

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Seamless Application Migration

Seamless migration

Easily shift traffic from sick clusters to healthy ones—before your users notice. Equip app teams with the tools they need to understand their applications’ health and take action on early indicators with the best information possible at their fingertips.

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Application Lifecycle Management

Safe, seamless lifecycle management

Take the labor and risk out of updating new app versions as well as your underlying mesh infrastructure. Give your app teams the primitives for fast, safe application updates. Make it easy and safe for platform operators to keep application infrastructure up-to-date.

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Load balancing

Client-side load balancing

Offload reliability concerns to the mesh by using built-in recovery features like timeouts, retries, and circuit breakers. Increase the ability to mitigate cascading failures with client-side load balancing. Decrease latency and minimize egress costs with locality-aware load balancing that ensures local traffic stays local.

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SecurityExtend the policy enforcement capabilities of a service mesh to your entire application fleet.
Connectivity Manage application connectivity consistently across clusters, clouds, and on-premises.
ObservabilityEstablish unified monitoring, logging, and tracing for every application.
ReliabilityApplication high availability with seamless failover.

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