Tetrate Service Bridge Observability

Reduce MTTR with unified monitoring, logging, and
tracing across your entire fleet


Gain a comprehensive view of your entire application infrastructure to understand dependencies and health at a glance. Deliver app-specific alerts to the right teams with correlated metrics, traces, and service lifecycle events. Give app teams the context they need to pinpoint problems and dramatically reduce mean time to recovery. Tetrate Service Bridge also makes it easy to apply SLOs globally across your fleet.


Network Topology

Measure, correlate, alert & remediate SLO violations

See the topology of your services and their dependency relationships to understand application health at a glance. Correlated metrics, traces, logs, and lifecycle events make it easier to troubleshoot apps and reduce MTTI and MTTR.

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Application Monitoring & Management Tools

Receive consistent signals from all apps, at scale

Get a consistent set of both service and app-level signals from all your applications. Ensure alerts get to the right teams so they can take action as performance degradation starts, before your users notice. Skywalking under the hood means data collection will scale efficiently with your apps.

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Application Performance Monitoring

Single pane of glass for developers and SREs

Give app teams a view of their service topology and dependencies at a glance. Provide them the tools they need to manage their SLOs. Ensure alerts get to the right people.

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Service Mesh Monitoring Tools

Find out before there’s an outage

Collect consistent baseline metrics for all apps without having to get them from each app team. Create, measure, and monitor both app and service-level SLOs across all your fleet. Use that in-depth knowledge of app behaviors to recognize anomalies and take action before users notice.

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SecurityExtend the policy enforcement capabilities of a service mesh to your entire application fleet.
Connectivity Manage application connectivity consistently across clusters, clouds, and on-premises.
ObservabilityEstablish unified monitoring, logging, and tracing for every application.
ReliabilityApplication high availability with seamless failover.

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