Tetrate Service Bridge Connectivity

Across clusters, clouds, and data centers


Tetrate Service Bridge is built specifically for heterogeneous, multi-site deployments, enabling seamless cross-cluster communication. Control how traffic arrives at your clusters with edge and application gateways. Manage application connectivity with simple, consistent workflows, regardless of where they’re deployed.


Manage and Monitor Application Connectivity

Multi-cluster, multi-cloud

Manage application connectivity across your entire infrastructure—including multiple clusters, multiple clouds, and on premises—from a single point of control. Tetrate Service Bridge was built from the ground up to support hybrid network and compute environments, reducing the complexity of managing application networking across your entire fleet.

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VM Manager Software & Tools for Managing & Monitoring

Bring VMs into your mesh

Manage VMs and monoliths the same way as your services. Extend the power of your service mesh to all workloads, bringing VMs and monoliths as first-class citizens into your mesh.

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Seamless connectivity architecture and methods

Seamless connectivity with best-in-class security

Gain runtime service discovery for all your applications to enable seamless application communication across your entire infrastructure—multi-cluster to multi-cloud, from monoliths to microservices. Map your global service inventory to the right teams with the right tools to ensure your apps are managed efficiently and safely.

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Connect Enterprise Applications and Services Platform

Standardize the way your applications connect

Ship code faster by standardizing the way your applications communicate. Replace patchworks of custom gateways. Instead, offload security, connectivity, and observability to the mesh to increase agility and operational efficiency across your organization.

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SecurityExtend the policy enforcement capabilities of a service mesh to your entire application fleet.
Connectivity Manage application connectivity consistently across clusters, clouds, and on-premises.
Observability Establish unified monitoring, logging, and tracing for every application.

ReliabilityApplication high availability with seamless failover.

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