Tetrate Service Bridge

Secure multi-tenant application network

What is TSB?

Tetrate Service Bridge is a comprehensive service mesh management platform for enterprises that need a unified and consistent way to secure and manage services and traditional workloads across complex, heterogeneous deployment environments.

TSB Architecture

Across all compute, bridging Kubernetes clusters, VMs, and bare metal.

Tetrate App SCOR

Introducing App SCOR—security, connectivity, observability and reliability—the touchstones on your journey to application modernization.

Extend the policy enforcement capabilities of a service mesh to your entire application fleet

Manage application connectivity consistently across clusters, clouds, and on-premises.


Establish unified monitoring, logging, and tracing for every application.


Application high availability with seamless failover.

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White Paper
Service Bridge – Bridging Brownfield and Greenfield
Envoy, is a self-service, multi-tenant platform to weave and manage the service mesh across VMs and Kubernetes clusters, on-prem and cloud.

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Starting out with
Service Mesh
Envoy creator Matt Klein (Lyft) advises organizations starting with service mesh to make changes incrementally, to solve problems one piece at a time.

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Case Study

Encryption & PCI Compliance with Istio Service Mesh
Service mesh architecture provides a rich set of features for controlling and securing communications among services. Encryption in transit…

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