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Zero Trust with a Service Mesh

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Let’s dive into the NIST standard for Attribute-based Access Control for Microservices-based Applications Using a Service Mesh. SP 800-204B, co-authored by Tetrate’s Zack Butcher, has just been finalized & published. It builds on the idea of the mesh as both a security kernel and a reference monitor. The key take-away is the recommendation that a mesh should be used to enforce service-to-service authentication and authorization, as well as end-user-to-application-resource authentication and authorization, on behalf of applications deployed in the mesh. These are the primary runtime components of a ZTA.

In this webinar we will cover basic, but important security and configuration guidelines for mesh installation; access control with ABAC and NGAC; and how to deploy auth in a mesh to make your overall system more reliable, efficient, and secure.

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August 25, 2021   |   11:00 AM
August 10, 2022


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