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Golden Gate Release of Tetrate Service Bridge, from A to Z

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Join us to learn about the new features and capabilities of the Golden Gate release of Tetrate Service Bridge, the leading management plane for Istio and Envoy with Tetrate Founding Engineer Zack Butcher, and Global System Engineering Director Adam Zwickey as they discuss.

  • Distributed API gateway capabilities. New and improved features include a WAF, fault tolerance, rate limiting, and the ability to extend traffic controls using Web Assembly (Wasm).
  • An enhanced developer experience. New abstractions let developers declare intent, with TSB taking on the job of configuring the underlying infrastructure. With support for the OpenAPI spec, TSB lets developers work quickly and effectively.
  • Application-level segmentation. Applying the right security policies per application is an ongoing concern for platform owners and application owners. Now, with workspaces, customers can create groups of similar applications and apply uniform security policies to the group.

These are only some of the exciting new features Adam and Zack will cover, alongside describing new wins for Tetrate in the areas of US government standards compliance and Department of Defense adoption.

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April 5, 2022   |   09:00 AM


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