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Case Study: Tetrate Resolves the Complexities of NAV's Transition to Istio

About Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV) is the government directorate responsible for implementing Norway’s welfare model, with services ranging from child benefits to pensions. NAV is responsible for distributing a third of Norway’s national budget. In five years, it’s estimated that 95% …


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gRPC Transcoding With Istio

There are a lot of advantages to using gRPC instead of HTTP/JSON when building new APIs, like HTTP/2, streaming, cross-language support, server push, etc. The hardest part tends to be legacy services that expect HTTP/JSON. This is why gRPC-JSON transcoding is so attractive: we can implement gRPC servers but expose them to legacy services with a HTTP/JSON …


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Multi-Cluster Communication – a Multi-Mesh Approach

Current solutions for cross-cluster networking all use VPNs and a single control plane, with all the failure and latency problems that result. At Tetrate we’ve designed a scheme for using one Istio mesh per cluster to do cross-cluster routing. This post presents an open-source tool, Coddiwomple, which automates generation of the Istio config needed to enact …


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Getting Started With Istio on Amazon EKS

In this post, commissioned for the AWS Open Source blog, Tetrate’s Matt Turner writes the first of a series introducing Istio and its use on Amazon’s EKS. Posted externally at:


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Istio 1 0 Nightly on Eks

The Amazon Elastic Container Service for Kubernetes, EKS, is the long-awaited hosted Kubernetes offering from AWS. It offers managed Kubernetes 1.10 clusters, and is currently GA in two regions in North America. Building on Kubernetes, Istio is a service mesh that provides “An open platform to connect, manage, and secure microservices.” Here at Tetrate we’re …