About Tetrate

Our mission at Tetrate is to humanize infrastructure. Management of services across multiple cloud providers and regions, as well as on-premise, is a huge challenge for many companies. At Tetrate, our suite of telemetry, networking, and security products will help organisations large and small manage their services at any scale, anywhere.

An Amazing Opportunity

We are a seed-stage startup, with investment and advice from some of the best and most famous people in silicon valley. Currently fewer than 10 people, we’re mostly alumni of Google and Twitter. We have funding, customers, and an MVP, and we’re looking for the best people in the world to help us grow to the next level.

This is an incredible opportunity to join one of the best startups in Cloud right at the beginning. We’re looking for brilliant, driven, curious people to work on some of the hardest problems in cloud observability, networking, and security. We’ve got an amazing journey ahead of us, so we’re building a team of awesome, permanent employees who will define the culture, the engineering practices, and the future of one of the best startups around. For the right person we can offer remote working, unlimited holiday, and equity with amazing potential.

Flexibility Around the World

Headquartered in San Francisco, we’re based around the world in Barcelona, London, Beijing, Bandung, and more! At Tetrate it’s about the best people, not any particular location. We have a number of open roles, shown below, and we always welcome speculative applications from smart, motivated people with relevant experience.

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Front-End Engineer

Engineering, Remote

The role

We are looking for someone passionate about creating delightful human-centric interfaces. Our product suite will distill the complexity of raw infrastructure into clean, performant, ergonomic interfaces. We need someone who can lead the engineering effort to create these simple and intuitive interfaces.

You will help us
  • Choose the right stack of languages, libraries, and tools. You’ll need to balance a desire to leverage the latest and greatest tech in our greenfield projects with a pragmatic approach to timely delivery using proven techniques.
  • Architect our UI, taking into account data sources and formats, server vs client-side code, deployment options, scalability, etc
  • Implement the whole system - any server-side required, plus client-side structure, style, and code. You’ll be a team of one to start with!
  • Iterate our products quickly, by delivering the smallest possible units of value to be tested in the market, while retaining quality
  • Collaborate with product owners and designers to create a holistic vision for our products
  • Collaborate with back-end engineers to design the APIs you’ll consume
  • Build and maintain our website, blogs, and analytics setup
What you bring
  • An exceptional attention to detail and quality
  • A disposition to do the right thing rather than the easy thing
  • An “everything is code” attitude, and commensurate experience with git, branching strategies, PRs, code reviews, etc
  • An understanding that leadership isn’t a title
  • Experience with and opinions about front-end testing
  • Good knowledge of analytics products, feature flags, canary and a/b testing, dark launches
  • Openness to the idea of mentoring and/or leading a team of front-end engineers when we take on more (not required - happy for you to progress as an IC)

UX Design Lead

UX, San Francisco

The Role

At Tetrate our mission is to humanize infrastructure. We are looking for someone passionate about applying systems-thinking to design human-first interfaces. We need someone who can distill the complexity of raw Cloud infrastructure. We want to create a simple, elegant, visually pleasing experience, without compromising the value of the information.

You will help us
  • Design the user experience for our Products and OSS projects
  • Collaborate with industry experts and customers to understand and empathize with their current experiences
  • Iterate our products quickly, by testing in the market and gathering high-quality, structured feedback
  • Collaborate with product owners and other designers to create a consistent holistic vision for our products
  • Understand the difference between good design and exceptional design
  • Collaborate with engineers to break work into small tasks
  • Produce designs that are good enough now, and set us up to produce exceptional design later
  • Design and produce content for our website, blogs, and OSS documentation
What you bring
  • 5-7 years of interaction design, idelly for large-scale infrastructure companies
  • Formal or semi-formal education, or structured exposure to interaction design, HCI, Graphic Design
  • A strong advocacy of human-centered design and an experience-first approach
  • An understanding that leadership isn’t a title
  • The ability to take projects from ideation to market testing to completion
  • Fast prototyping skills, with exposure to the standard collaborative prototyping tools in the market