The Maintainability Team at Tetrate is responsible for ensuring that the many other parts of the Engineering Organization not only have the tools they need to succeed, but that they will continue to love their codebase in 5 years time. This includes evaluating our build systems, and tooling to evolve them. Working with Bazel, Custom Tooling in Rust, and Tests of various qualities written in a variety of languages.

This role will continuously improve the efficiency of Tetrate’s infrastructure at scale and developers’ productivity with your ideas, and tools. If you care about developer experience, passion for productivity, and experience working on tests – you will find this role to be a fit for your wants.

What You’ll Do:

  • Understand developer workflows and Build Systems to improve build times with work for Bazel.
  • Design, develop and deliver distributed engineering build tools and platforms, for a variety of codebase languages.
  • Help Design new linters for the codebase in order to help enforce Quality API Usages, and ensure footguns don’t exist.
  • Fix Flakey End-to-End tests, and ensure our infrastructure can keep up with our Developers.

Skills You Have:

  • You’re familiar with building and writing in one the following languages:
    • Rust
    • Go
    • JavaScript
  • You’ve worked with Bazel, and enjoy the Reliability/Scalability it provides.
  • You’re used to creating extra tooling for Builds, Cloud Caching, and help developers with their IDEs.
  • Familiar with the Challenges of Testing, and Enjoying making tests Correct, and Reliable.
  • “You build it, you run it” mindset. You will own the systems you design and will participate in the engineering on-call rotations.
  • Values autonomy and results over process.
  • Systematic problem-solving approach, coupled with excellent communication skills and a sense of ownership and drive.
  • Demonstrate bias-to-action and avoid analysis-paralysis; Drive action to the finish line with high quality and on time.

Location: Worldwide – Remote, with access to offices in SF, Boston, Tokyo, Japan and Bandung/Tangerang, Indonesia