Tetrate is a leading enterprise service mesh company that enables a safe and fast application modernization journey for our customers.  We were recently named a 2022 Forbes America’s Best Startup Employer after being evaluated for employer reputation, employee satisfaction, and growth. Grow with us and complete our ‘mesh’!

Join a team of world-class engineers working on the next generation of networking services using Istio, Envoy and other open source projects to define the next generation of cloud native network service. 

We are seeking a Product Documentation Manager and a leader whose job is to build, maintain, and improve user-facing documentation of our product.

We are building a secure, robust, and highly available service mesh platform for mission-critical enterprise applications spanning both legacy and modern infrastructure. Providing the documentation that allows our customers to achieve their goals in developing their application will be the main challenge you will be solving.

If you believe that great software alone does not make a great product, and you care about user experiences when they are confronted with the daunting task of building complex, large infrastructure, you will find this role to be a fit for your wants. 

What You’ll Do:

  • Work with the development team to come up with user-facing documentation 
  • Create and maintain the process/workflow to make continuous improvements on the documentation.
  • Develop and lead a team to drive the documentation writing process.

Skills You Have:

  • Understanding of the needs from an average developer with regards to documentation. Documentation will be read by developers of various skill levels, and it will need to provide ample background information for the untrained, and direct access to the solution for the veterans.
  • Excellent command of written English, specifically in technical writing.
  • Either of
    • 1) Intimate knowledge of application development on modern cloud native environments including Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Azure, etc, using service mesh technologies such as Istio and Envoy, or
    • 2) Excellent communication skills to draw out information from the developers, especially about the underlying assumptions that our products make about the environment.
  • Good understanding of fundamental networking protocols and concepts, as well as related middlewares.
  • Experience being a developer on software projects is a plus. While it is technically not a requirement, it will be much easier if you have experience being on the receiving end of product documentation.
  • Experience in writing technical articles, such as blog zines, for a wide audience is a plus. Meaning, you know how to write a convincing article to people who aren’t as familiar about networking, let alone a service mesh or TSB
  • Fundamentals-based problem-solving skills; Drive decision by function, first principles based mindset. We are not “title” driven and we value results over process
  • Demonstrate bias-to-action and avoid analysis-paralysis; Drive action to the finish line with high quality and on time
  • You are ego-less when searching for the best ideas; You contribute effectively outside of your specialty; You think about solving problems from the standpoint of the best outcome for the team.  
  • Values autonomy and results over process


Worldwide – We are a 100% globally distributed company.