Istio: Up and Running

A Practical Guide to Istio

You’ve been in a loud living room at some point, fussing with a pile of identical clickers, trying to turn down the volume. In IT, you know you need service mesh the way you know you need a universal remote. Your system is large, distributed, and unwieldy. Your services are running in heterogeneous environments. Your cloud native software is having issues with reliability.

“Whether you’re challenged by the task of managing a fleet of microservices or you’re looking to modernize your existing noncontainerized services, you can find yourself sailing into a service mesh,” write Lee Calcote and Zack Butcher in their new book from O’Reilly, Istio: Up and Running. “The more microservices that are deployed, the more aggravated these challenges become.”

Service mesh empowers its users to connect, secure, control and observe services, and its powerful remote, or control plane, allows you to see and manage your system granularly or as a whole. Istio, the open source control plane, is commonly adopted a la carte, “foremost for the observability they bring through instrumentation of network traffic” and often (by financial institutions, especially), to manage the encryption of service-to-service traffic. Istio offers traffic managment, access control, monitoring, reporting, tracing and telemetry– rewarding features, once you’ve set them up.

Istio: Up and Running offers a roadmap, explaining how and why to use Istio, step by step, in the life cycle of distributed applications.

From this book you’ll learn from real-life examples, and get tips, tools and APIs for enabling features like:

  • Traffic shifting
  • Fault injection
  • Observing or monitoring your entire system
  • Request routing
  • A/B, blue/green, & canary deployments
  • Generating and collecting telemetry data

While some familiarity with Docker and Kubernetes is helpful for diving into Istio: Up and Running, this book is suitable for users who are just getting started with Istio or interested to know more about its capabilities. This practical guide will prepare you to deploy Istio into your own environments with confidence.

Lee Calcote is founder of and a Cloud Native ambassador. Zack Butcher is a Tetrate founding engineer and a core engineer of Istio.

Release Date: October 2019

Pages: 272

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