Tetrate Networkless Mesh

The Service Mesh Day has been an amazing conference. From the beginning to the end, attendees could enjoy high-quality technical sessions combined with inspirational talks and visions on the future. We have been humbled by the good acceptance it has had, and listened to the inquires and struggles people are facing when trying to modernize their infrastructure for this new era of computing.

As an industry, we have radically changed how infrastructure is made available to the masses. We have gone from on-premise environments to the cloud, and from the cloud to serverless, but while all this innovation has changed and improved how we see our infrastructure, it is primarily targeting compute. It is time now to face the new challenges and tackle the next big gap in this space: the network.

At Tetrate, we believe Service Mesh is the right technology to abstract the network layer from applications. Companies should just have to focus on business needs, and users and developers just on applications without having to deal with the lower layers of the stack. But hiding complexity is not enough. That would be simply accepting “the serverless fallacy”. In order to make Service Mesh succeed, the network, as we understand it today, must be effectively removed.

Today, we are excited to announce Tetrate Networkless Mesh, a revolutionary technology that will change how we perceive and understand communications and will elevate Service Mesh up to the next level. Based on the RFC1149 and RFC6214 standards, we have been able to remove the need for physical network devices that connect the peers on a network, and also to augment the Mesh with rich QoS semantics provided by our efficient implementation of RFC2549. In addition, the intrinsic and novel properties of this system such as self-regeneration, or the ability to flow on a three-dimensional space, as opposed to the one-dimensional used by IEEE802.3, will revolutionize communications as we understand them today.

~ With the reduced device footprint introduced by Tetrate Networkless Mesh we have been able to dramatically reduce the attack surface on our mission-critical infrastructure. ~

In the upcoming days, the core primitives of Tetrate Networkless Mesh will be merged into Envoy upstream. We’ve been developing it in close collaboration with the Envoy community and we are proud to finally be ready to open source this revolutionary technology and make it available to everyone. Stay tuned!

The future is amazing, and we envision this new era of communications where Networkless is the new default. Tetrate Networkless Mesh is the first big step towards making that real.

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