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ApacheCon NA 2020 Virtual


Tetrate engineer Wu Sheng, creator of Apache SkyWalking, will give a keynote talk on this open source observability platform at ApacheCon NA 2020, Sept. 29 at 5 a.m. EDT.

Since joining the Apache community in 2017, Sheng has witnessed historic growth of the open-source culture in China. Many developers have joined the ASF as new contributors, committers, foundation members. Beyond simply using the projects, Chinese enterprises and companies have paid more attention to open source contributions. In his keynote, Sheng will discuss China’s role and interest in enhancing and embracing the “Apache way.”

Sheng is a founding engineer at Tetrate who pioneers observability for service mesh and hybrid cloud. A searcher, evangelist, and developer in the observability, distributed tracing, and APM. He is a member of the Apache Software Foundation. He created the Apache SkyWalking project and is its VP and PMC member. He is the Co-founder and PMC member of Apache ShardingSphere and is a PMC member of Apache Incubator and APISIX. He has been honored as a Microsoft MVP, Alibaba Cloud MVP, and Tencent Cloud TVP.

Sheng is passionate about open source software and culture.

Observability Track

ApacheCon’s Observability track kicks off with a talk on SkyWalking Sept. 29 at 5:30 a.m. EDT.

Tetrate’s Hongtao Gao joins the observability lineup at 7:30 a.m. EDT with a talk on the History of Distributed Tracing Storage.

Over the past few years, and coupled with the growing adoption of microservices, distributed tracing has emerged as one of the most commonly used monitoring and troubleshooting methodologies. New tracing tools are increasingly being introduced, driving adoption even further. One of these tools is Apache SkyWalking, a popular open-source tracing, and APM platform. This talk explores the history of the SkyWalking storage module, shows the evolution of distributed tracing storage layers, from the traditional relational database to document-based search engine. I hope that this talk contributes to the understanding of history and also that it helps to clarify the different types of storage that are available to organizations today.

Hongtao Gao is the engineer of and the former Huawei Cloud expert. One of PMC members of Apache SkyWalking and participates in some popular open-source projects such as Apache ShardingSphere and Elastic-Job. He has an in-depth understanding of distributed databases, container scheduling, microservices, ServicMesh, and other technologies.

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Nginx ingress proxies
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Observability 101: What you see is what you get

One of the most repeated pieces of advice for anyone getting started with microservices is to make sure you can see everything that’s going on inside your services. Leverage the power of observability. However, observability is a loaded term – so it’s valuable to understand what that terms mean, and what’s involved.

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SkyWalking service topology
Apache SkyWalking, Observability, Open Source

Observability at scale: SkyWalking it is!

SkyWalking, a top-level Apache project, is the open source APM and observability analysis platform that is solving the problems of 21st-century systems that are increasingly large, distributed, and heterogenous. It’s built for the struggles system admins face today: To identify and locate needles in a haystack of interdependent services, to get apples-to-apples metrics across polyglot apps, and to get a complete and meaningful view of performance. 

SkyWalking is a holistic platform that can observe microservices on or off a mesh, and can provide consistent monitoring with a lightweight payload.

Let’s take a look at how SkyWalking evolved to address the problem of observability at scale, and grew from a pure tracing system to a feature-rich observability platform that is now used to analyze deployments that collect tens of billions of traces per day. 

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What’s new in SkyWalking? MeterSystem and mesh monitoring in 8.0

Apache SkyWalking, the observability platform and open source application performance monitor (APM) project, today announced the general availability of its 8.0 release. Known for its powerful metrics, tracing and service mesh capabilities, SkyWalking extends its functionality with the new release by addressing user demand for metrics integration with other metrics collection systems, including Prometheus.

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Istio Up and Running - Book

Istio Up and Running eBook Launch

Tetrate offers a free PDF of Istio Up and Running, by Zack Butcher and Lee Calcote. The guide gets users started with Istio and using it to secure, manage, and observe services with confidence.

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