SkyWalking Graduates as an Apache Top Level Project

Tetrate congratulates its own Sheng Wu, founder of SkyWalking

Apache SkyWalking, the observability analysis and application performance monitoring (APM) tool built especially for microservices, cloud-native and container-based architectures, has graduated as an Apache Top Level Project.

Founded by Tetrate’s Sheng Wu, SkyWalking was originally created as an open source project in 2015. Its underlying technology is a distributed tracing system. Drawing on a robust open source community, SkyWalking has grown at a remarkably rapid pace, joining the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) in November 2017.

“Tetrate identified Apache SkyWalking early on as a key piece of technology to enable full on observability for enterprise workloads, whether workloads spawn on-prem or cloud, and with or without service mesh,” said Sheng Wu, Tetrate engineer and the author of SkyWalking. “This is what prompted me to join Tetrate and advance Apache SkyWalking as an observability platform. With the help of Tetrate, we made Skywalking service mesh ready with last year’s 6.0 release, offering not just tracing but service mesh telemetry analysis, metric aggregation and workload visualization.”

SkyWalking has evolved into an Observability Analysis Platform that enables observation and monitoring of hundreds of services all at once. It addresses some of the trickiest problems faced by system administrators using complex arrays of abundant and interdependent services: locating the source of network problems, distinguishing normal from deviant system performance, comparing metrics across apps irrespective of programming language, and attaining a complete and meaningful view of performance.

SkyWalking history

In the past two years, SkyWalking has been used for research and production by more than 70 companies, particularly in China, where early supporters included Huawei, Tydic, and Adopters also include Alibaba Cloud, WeBank (backed by Tencent), China Merchants Bank, and China Eastern Airlines.

“Tetrate has embraced SkyWalking because its observability affordances will be essential to companies using service mesh architectures to control, manage and secure microservices at the scale of enterprise,” said Varun Talwar, CEO of Tetrate.

SkyWalking joined ASF with the goal of “crafting a compelling and broadly applicable open source APM system.” Recent performance tests have shown SkyWalking 6.1, coming in May 2019, will shatter its own record with a 3x performance improvement.

If you’re interested, contact the project team through the following channels:

If you are interested in an enterprise supported offering, contact Tetrate at Learn more about SkyWalking features from our post on the v6 release.

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