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What’s new in SkyWalking? MeterSystem and mesh monitoring in 8.0

Apache SkyWalking, the observability platform and open source application performance monitor (APM) project, today announced the general availability of its 8.0 release. Known for its powerful metrics, tracing and service mesh capabilities, SkyWalking extends its functionality with the new release by addressing user demand for metrics integration with other metrics collection systems, including Prometheus.

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Envoy proxy & GetEnvoy

Envoy and Istio security releases – June 2020

Istio and the Envoy proxy security team have announced releases that address HIGH severity CVE-2020-11080, with a CVSS score of 7.5.

The identified vulnerability relates to excessive CPU usage when processing HTTP/2 SETTINGS frames that would cause denial of service. A malicious attacker might repeatedly construct a SETTINGS frame with a length of 14,400 bytes (2400 individual settings entries), causing the CPU to spike at 100%.

To address the vulnerability, we encourage Envoy users to upgrade to Envoy proxy 1.12.4, 1.13.2 or 1.14.2. You can get the latest release from GetEnvoy.

Istio users should update to 1.5.5 or later for 1.5.x deployments and 1.6.2 or later for 1.6.x deployments.

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Istio 1.6 release brings upgrades and new features

Istio’s 1.6 release brings improvements to existing features and new features that will make things easier for developers. Upgrades to 1.6 will also be a jumping off point for even more significant improvements to come: for managing hybrid services, and integrating VM and bare metal into the Istio mesh. A VM-friendly definition of a service will allow you to migrate VM workloads to a Kubernetes cluster without disrupting traffic flow.

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Istio Networking Configuration
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How to debug your Istio networking configuration

These are the set of steps I walk through any time I sit down to debug an Istio setup, regardless of how much experience I have with the deployment. Most Istio errors in my experience are simple, “stupid” mistakes; having a checklist to walkthrough helps me catch problems a lot more quickly. With that said, these are the steps I generally walk through:

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Upgrade: Istio and Envoy CVE security fixes

Users of Istio and Envoy are strongly encouraged to upgrade to Istio 1.4.6 and Envoy 1.13.1 or 1.12.3 to address four newly discovered security vulnerabilities. The Envoy update is also available via GetEnvoy.io.

CVE-2020-8659 (CVSS score 7.5, High): Excessive CPU and/or memory usage when proxying HTTP/1.1 Envoy version 1.13.0 or earlier may consume excessive amounts of memory when proxying HTTP/1.1 requests or responses with many small (e.g., 1 byte) chunks.

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Podcast: How did Autotrader UK got mTLS and more from Istio

TC Currie sat down with Autotrader UK’s Karl Stoney– a DevOps thought leader– to discuss what led them to Istio.

Karl explains that the main reason for the move had been their wish for transparent, mutual TLS, which they wanted to implement without modification to existing apps. He explains that they understood the best way to do this was using a sidecar model, and began their transformation with the use of Google’s managed Kubernetes offering ‘GKE’ when the conversations then pointed to Istio.

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