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Istio, Service Mesh, Tetrate

Bridging Traditional and Modern Workloads

So many organizations find themselves straddling two worlds, the older ‘brownfield’ setup of Virtual Machines (VMs) and bare metal servers, and the ‘greenfield’ world of containers managed by Kubernetes. Managing a hybrid structure of these two types of infrastructures has a history of being time-consuming and complex, with an overburden on engineering to duplicate efforts. 

The addition of a service mesh to any environment that straddles ‘old’ and ‘new’ allows you to abstract away from disparate infrastructures and refocus your organization to being an application-centric entity. 

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Istio, Service Mesh, Tetrate

VM to container communications 101

How do Virtual Machines and containers talk to each other? How does an Istio mesh make that process easier? Since Istio’s 1.6 release, which has helped bring VMs under control of the mesh, it becomes significantly easier. Istio’s aim as a project is to make life easier, and give organizations a single point of control.  

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Service Mesh Istio
Service Mesh

What can I stop worrying about when I have a service mesh?

So you’ve heard about service mesh. You’ve been told this is the thing for your team and your organization. It’s got a laundry list of features and functionality that everyone in the market is saying you have to try if you’re going through some sort of digital transformation. 

[Warning Klaxon] There’s more to it than that. 

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Envoy's Postgres filter - Network observability
Envoy proxy & GetEnvoy, Observability, Open Source

How to use Envoy’s Postgres filter for network observability

Starting with release 1.15.0 Envoy proxy supports decoding of Postgres messages for statistics purposes. This feature allows for an aggregated view of the types of Postgres transactions happening in the network. That aggregated view instantly provides a breakdown of types of Postgres operations and the number and severity of errors. Presented in a time series format allows for a clear overview of how the error rate of composition of queries changed over time.

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Istio, Open Source, Service Mesh

How Istio got its name

Istio is a service mesh that allows organizations to connect, secure and observe microservices. Since its inception three years ago, it’s risen to become one of Google’s most prominent open source projects, a top-three keyword at KubeCon, and a mature, production-ready offering supported by a robust community.

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