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Tetrate launches Industry-first exam for Certified Istio Administrator

Enterprises are increasing their investments in digital transformation and in hiring the right talent to accelerate the journey. According to the 2020 open source jobs report from Linux Foundation, 52% of hiring managers are more likely to hire someone with a certification, up from 47% two years ago. Not so surprisingly, 93% of hiring managers report difficulty finding sufficient talent. Tetrate today announced the public availability of its exam for Certified Istio Administrator by Tetrate (CIAT) that evaluates skill, knowledge, and ability to perform Istio service mesh installation and configuration as well as configure traffic management, resilience and fault injection, and use security features of the Istio service mesh. This follows the February launch of the free training and certification course on Istio Fundamentals. Over 600 IT professionals have taken the training since then.  

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Case studies

Tuya Smart’s Implementation of an Enterprise-level Istio in Production

An Istio use case of Tuya Smart.


As the most active service mesh project at present, Istio provides numerous capabilities, including traffic management, security, and observability. Each capability is necessary for the management, operation, and maintenance of services. Istio’s extensive capabilities also bring certain challenges to the operation and maintenance of complex systems. In terms of its capabilities and future scalability, Istio reimagines service management, bringing about new opportunities along with challenges.

Tuya Smart currently uses Istio control plane version 1.5.0 for its front-end business, allowing access to the Istio control plane by over 700 services and 1,100 pod instances that are responsible for the traffic control and capacity support of the largest business cluster at the front-end of Tuya Smart.

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Apache SkyWalking

End-User Tracing in a SkyWalking-Observed Browser

Web application performance affects the retention rate of users. If a page load time is too long, the user will give up. So we need to monitor the web application to understand performance and ensure that servers are stable, available and healthy. Apache SkyWalking is an application performance monitoring (APM) tool designed especially for cloud native and container-based architectures. Its skywalking-client-js is a lightweight, client-side JavaScript exception, performance and tracing library.

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Digital Transformation
Service Mesh

Why do you need Istio when you already have Kubernetes?

If you’ve heard of service mesh and tried Istio, you may have the following questions:

  1. Why is Istio running on Kubernetes?
  2. What is the role of Kubernetes and a service mesh in the cloud-native application architecture, respectively?
  3. What aspects of Kubernetes does Istio extend? What problems does it solve?
  4. What is the relationship between Kubernetes, Envoy, and Istio?

This article will take you through the inner workings of Kubernetes and Istio. In addition, I will introduce the load balancing approach in Kubernetes, and explain why you need Istio when you have Kubernetes.

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Announcements, Funding, Tetrate

Series B financing : Next step in Tetrate journey

I’m excited to announce that Tetrate has raised $40M in Series B financing, led by Sapphire Ventures, with participation from  Scale Venture Partners, NTTVC, and previous investors, Dell Technologies CapitalIntel Capital, 8VC, and Samsung NEXT.  I would like to thank my colleagues (aka Tetrands), investors, customers, partners, and friends for their continued support.

The funding will allow us to expand our go-to-market operations globally and double down on engineering to further support our customers in building their connectivity fabric with Tetrate Service Bridge, the only hybrid cloud application networking platform. It will also help us bring Tetrate Cloud, a new SaaS offering to market: a fully managed Istio based service mesh platform to enable “one experience, any cloud.”

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NGAC, Security, Service Mesh, Zero Trust


Why You Should Choose NGAC as Your Access Control Model

Different companies or software providers have devised countless ways to control user access to functions or resources, such as Discretionary Access Control (DAC), Mandatory Access Control (MAC), Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), and Attribute-Based Access Control (ABAC). In essence, whatever the type of access control model, three basic elements can be abstracted: user, system/application, and policy.

In this article, we will introduce ABAC, RBAC, and a new access control model — Next Generation Access Control (NGAC) — and compare the similarities and differences between the three, as well as why you should consider NGAC.

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Case studies, Istio

How NetEase Qingzhou Enables Microservices Architecture Evolution with Istio

Author Fei Pei is a senior architect at NetEase Qingzhou.

In a company with diverse internet businesses like NetEase, each business has its own unique choice of microservices tech stack and system architecture based on their business nature and team composition. While this might seem harmless at the initial stage of business development, as the businesses grow, the business scale, level of complexity, and team composition will vary.

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Case studies, Istio

How Coohom Uses Istio to Integrate a New Serverless System into its Existing Self-developed Java System

Coohom successfully launched its home cloud design platform based on the core technology of distributed parallel computing and multimedia data mining. The platform is committed to the research and development of cloud rendering, cloud design, BIM, VR, AR, AI, and other technologies, in order to achieve the experience of “What You See Is What You Get”. It is a SAAS cloud software service platform that generates a design plan in 5 minutes, a rendering in 10 seconds, and a VR plan with a single click.

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