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Istio, Service Mesh

Discovery selectors in Istio 1.10

Discovery selectors were one of the new features introduced in Istio 1.10. Discovery selectors allow us to control which namespaces Istio control plane watches and sends configuration updates for. By default, the Istio control plane watches and processes updates for all Kubernetes resources in a cluster. Istio configures Envoy proxies in the mesh to reach every workload in the mesh and accept traffic on all ports associated with the workloads.

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Tetrate x AWS
AWS, Tetrate

Tetrate works with ECS Anywhere to bring seamless connectivity on prem and cloud

Technological progress never stops, and the goal of any enterprise architecture is to build harmony between multiple technologies. Merge them together, take the best of each, and use those technologies to become more efficient in your particular business area. Also, the intent is to simplify: Make different stacks work for you instead of spending all your time managing different pillars of your infrastructure.

AWS ECS Anywhere (ECS-A) is one of those cases where customers get the best of all worlds: a cloud-hosted and managed stack– extended to your on-premise data center– and running tasks inside of Docker containers on the hardware hosted in your datacenter.

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Envoy proxy & GetEnvoy, Events, Tetrate, Wasm

What can WebAssembly do for your Application Security and Extensibility

Years ago when I heard WebAssembly (Wasm) for the first time, I was intrigued. The fact that I can write code in Rust or C++ and have it running in a browser blew my mind immediately. Porting an existing browser-side computation from JS code to Rust results in an increased performance. Needless to say, I have high expectations from this technology. Sadly, due to personal circumstances, I haven’t had much time and opportunity to explore this technology further.

That is, until last week.

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Announcements, Istio, Open Source, Service Mesh, Tetrate

Tetrate launches Industry-first exam for Certified Istio Administrator

Enterprises are increasing their investments in digital transformation and in hiring the right talent to accelerate the journey. According to the 2020 open source jobs report from Linux Foundation, 52% of hiring managers are more likely to hire someone with a certification, up from 47% two years ago. Not so surprisingly, 93% of hiring managers report difficulty finding sufficient talent. Tetrate today announced the public availability of its exam for Certified Istio Administrator by Tetrate (CIAT) that evaluates skill, knowledge, and ability to perform Istio service mesh installation and configuration as well as configure traffic management, resilience and fault injection, and use security features of the Istio service mesh. This follows the February launch of the free training and certification course on Istio Fundamentals. Over 600 IT professionals have taken the training since then.  

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Case studies

Tuya Smart’s Implementation of an Enterprise-level Istio in Production

An Istio use case of Tuya Smart.


As the most active service mesh project at present, Istio provides numerous capabilities, including traffic management, security, and observability. Each capability is necessary for the management, operation, and maintenance of services. Istio’s extensive capabilities also bring certain challenges to the operation and maintenance of complex systems. In terms of its capabilities and future scalability, Istio reimagines service management, bringing about new opportunities along with challenges.

Tuya Smart currently uses Istio control plane version 1.5.0 for its front-end business, allowing access to the Istio control plane by over 700 services and 1,100 pod instances that are responsible for the traffic control and capacity support of the largest business cluster at the front-end of Tuya Smart.

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Apache SkyWalking

End-User Tracing in a SkyWalking-Observed Browser

Web application performance affects the retention rate of users. If a page load time is too long, the user will give up. So we need to monitor the web application to understand performance and ensure that servers are stable, available and healthy. Apache SkyWalking is an application performance monitoring (APM) tool designed especially for cloud native and container-based architectures. Its skywalking-client-js is a lightweight, client-side JavaScript exception, performance and tracing library.

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