Tetrate’s highlights from EnvoyCon and KubeCon San Diego

This November, Tetrate was delighted to celebrate community and the Open Source ethos surrounding Istio and Envoy at EnvoyCon and KubeCon in San Diego. We revelled in the opportunity to share our thought leadership and participate in the matured conversations about service mesh. Here we hope to share some of our key takeaways from the events.

We were proud to send 5 engineers to participate in talks and panels, and greet hordes of attendees to the booth for Zack Butcher and Lee Calcote’s signing of their recent publication ‘Istio Up and Running.’ It attracted a very large queue through our neighbors’ booths too.

Our founder and CTO Jeyappragash Jeyakeerthi was joined onstage by the Co-Chair of CNCF SIG-Security, Sarah Allen, for a SIG-Security Deepdive to discuss work on an upcoming whitepaper, and a look into what is happening in Cloud Native Policy. They provided a great overview on the need for policies in security, and the work within the Policy Working Group to create a formal verification engine that aims to verify both policy and execution, and identify any conflicts. This will prove to be a huge step forward in standardized policy verification, and there’s an open call for participation in that pilot policy.

Jeyappragash Jeyakeerthi & Sarah Allen, “SIG-Security Deepdive”

This year’s KubeCon provided rich use cases highlighting Istio in production, and Tetrate walked through our work with Freddie Mac. Our “Unprincipled Engineer” and Istio Technical Oversight Committee member Shriram Rajagopalan joined Freddie Mac Engineer Lixun Qi on stage to describe our delivery of a service mesh over their hybrid environment with ‘From Brownfield to Greenfield: Istio Service Mesh Journey’.

Shriram Rajagopalan & Lixun Qi, “From Brownfield to Greenfield: Istio Service Mesh Journey”

Istio has allowed Freddie Mac to realize important benefits for their security, availability, resiliency, and zero downtime updates. The excitement surrounding Tetrate’s approach here was undeniable, as the conversations after were heavily focussed on the ability to install sidecars in existing vm workloads and obtaining uniform telemetry from legacy apps, as well as their cloud native ones.

Unmissable talks on Envoy were given by Tetrands Liam White and Lizan Zhou.

Liam White, “the ¯_(ツ)_/¯ of Tetrate” and Istio maintainer, along with Google’s John Howard and Snow Pettersen of Square, gave a very well attended and insightful talk on Building Low Latency Topologies with Envoy at EnvoyCon.

Liam White, John Howard and Snow Pettersen, “Building Low Latency Topologies with Envoy”

They addressed in great detail why you’d want low latency topologies, the difference between locality and priority load balancing, the details of Istio’s implementation and some common pitfalls you should avoid. (For Liam, this was his biggest audience to date!)

Given their talk was scheduled at the end of KubeCon, the turn out for the Envoy Overview and Maintainer Q&A with Lizan Zhou, Tetrand and Envoy maintainer, along with Harvey Tuch (Google), Snow Pettersen (Square) and Envoy creator Matt Klein (Lyft) was substantial.

Lizan Zhou et. al,, “Envoy Maintainer Q&A”

Together, they provided a history of Envoy, its aims and objectives and the value it adds. The audience Q&A provided a large scope of conversation topics for the presenters, ranging from what they would do differently if they started over again through to what service mesh can do for specific use cases.

Finally, our own Zack Butcher, a founding engineer of Tetrate and one of the earliest engineers of Istio during his time at Google, participated in an “Ask Me Anything about Service Mesh” panel alongside Luke Kysow (HashiCorp), Lin Sun (IBM), Louis Ryan (Google), William Morgan (Buoyant), and Idit Levine (Solo).

We are already planning and looking forward to KubeCon EU, where we look forward to engaging with more of you, in thought provoking, inspiring conversation on Istio, Envoy, Service Mesh and the future of our Open Source projects. Until then, we’ll be keeping Cloud Native Classy!

Don’t forget, you can always reach out to us on our website or any of our social media: @tetrateio and @getenvoyproxy!

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