Tetrate's KubeCon EU Lineup

Tetrate will be all over KubeCon EU. With 17 sessions focused specifically on service mesh, KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Europe 2019 (May 20-23, Barcelona) will be a massive event rife with opportunities for SREs and other Kubernetes users to evaluate the place of mesh in their infrastructures. Tetrate, which solves that problem for enterprise, is proud to send four of its team engineers to participate in five of the scheduled sessions.

It’s a myth that Kubernetes is a prerequisite for service mesh adoption, but k8s users are right to think next about mesh to solve the common issues that arise in large, distributed systems of microservices: observability, routing, traffic management, and secure inter-service communication.

On May 21, Tetrate’s Zack Butcher will join an all-star “Ask Us Anything” panel to address challenging inquiries about microservices and service mesh.

And Tetrate engineer Dhi Aurrahman will team up with John Plevyak from Google to deliver a session entitled “Extending Envoy with WebAssembly.” Although Envoy, the L7 proxy and communication bus, is designed to be extensible, there are currently limited approaches to introducing new functionalities. The primary approach would be to write an extension in C++. Lua can also be used, but only for HTTP traffic. In their talk, Zhou and Aurrahman will introduce the possibility of extending Envoy with WebAssembly.

Lizan Zhou, who is both a founding engineer at Tetrate and a senior maintainer of Envoy, will lead both an “Intro to Envoy” session on May 22 and a “Deep Dive into Envoy” on May 23.

Interested in these talks? We’ll post more at #tetrateio and #kubecon.

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