Tetrate Q

Access control and authorization for the modern enterprise

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Tetrate’s Q is a refreshing new take on access control for modern infrastructure. It is based on the state-of-the-art Next Generation Access Control (NGAC) model from NIST and provides a novel access model representation that empowers a complete authorization framework for distributed and multi-cloud architectures.

Universal Policy Management

Supports universal access control policy definition across public and on-premises clouds. Specify once, and enforce everywhere.

Expressive & Powerful Policies

Enables sophisticated authorization policies beyond the limitations of traditional systems such as RBAC and ABAC.

Standards based

Developed based on NIST's NGAC standards, Tetrate Q is easily extensible and well-suited to supporting distributed operations in a cloud environment.

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Tetrate’s Commitment to Open Source

Tetrate is committed to supporting the open source community. Our team includes founders and core maintainers of Istio, Envoy, and Apache Skywalking. The open source projects listed here are the result of our continued innovation in the cloud-native space.