Tetrate offers a safe and fast modernization journey for enterprises.

Powered by Envoy and Istio, its flagship product, Tetrate Service Bridge, enables bridging traditional and modern workloads. Customers can get consistent baked-in observability, runtime security and traffic management for all their workloads, in any environment.

In addition to the technology, Tetrate brings a world-class team that leads the open Envoy and Istio projects, providing best practices and playbooks that enterprises can use to modernize their people and processes.

Open Ethos
Free, open, worldwide collaboration is the font of innovation. Open source is about community, code, and commitment to excellence. We value our people, who join us from many paths and places, whose collaborations dissolve boundaries of role, culture and time zone. We are all continuous learners who solve hard customer problems by combining the best ideas and the best of open source.
We bring life and spirit to our work and share the awesome things we encounter in our field. We foster an environment of debate and discourse where no one is afraid to contribute. We speak candidly about mistakes; we expect them to happen and see them as opportunities to learn.
We set personal ego aside to be in service of what’s best for the company, our products or our clients. We look out for teammates and celebrate each other’s successes. Best processes and products follow naturally from addressing the needs of others.
We favor efficient processes, elegant solutions, and necessity-based execution. We recognize and maximize the resources we have. We act and iterate quickly, supporting a culture of prompt action.

Tetrate is on a mission to connect the world’s services and create the next generation of cloud networking. We bring the best of open source, and help organizations build and manage cloud-native applications and services.

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