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"Envoy and Istio quickly became the building blocks for modern cloud-native computing. Tetrate's mission is to bring the best of open source to help organizations building and managing cloud-native applications and services."

Varun Talwar, CEO Former Google Lead PM, Istio & gRPC

"Tetrate is on a mission to connect the world's services and create the next generation of cloud networking that is secure, flexible, and QoS aware. "

Jeyappragash Jeyakeerthi, CTO Former cloud platform engineering, Twitter

"Envoy and Istio are the right tools to solve immediate problems for organizations. I'm excited about what Tetrate is building on top of those projects to address user pain."

Zach Butcher, Engineer Istio Founding engineer

Core Values

Open Ethos

Apply the open source ethos. Free, open, worldwide collaboration is the font of innovation. Open source is about community, code, and commitment to excellence. We value our people, who join us from many paths and places, whose collaborations dissolve boundaries of role, culture and time zone. We are all continuous learners who solve hard customer problems by combining the best ideas and the best of open source.


Be friendly. Be real. We bring life and spirit to our work and share the awesome things we encounter in our field. We foster an environment of debate and discourse where no one is afraid to contribute. We speak candidly about mistakes; we expect them to happen and see them as opportunities to learn.


Keep it simple. We focus on fundamentals. We favor efficient processes, elegant solutions, and necessity-based execution. We recognize and maximize the resources we have. We act and iterate quickly, supporting a culture of prompt action.


We set personal ego aside to be in service of what is best for Tetrate, and act as citizens able to put collective interest above our own. We look out for teammates. Best processes and products follow naturally from addressing the needs of others.

This is a living document. Tetrate’s core values should undergo continuous improvement based on the values embraced by our team.

We’re tackling some of the hardest problems and defining the future of cloud computing. Join us from wherever you are. Manage your own work schedule & rest when you need it.

Product Manager

The Role - Distill and abstract the complexity of raw Cloud infrastructure, network and distributed systems to create a simple, elegant, visually pleasing product experiences for developers, operators, network admins and security professionals.

You will help us:

Be the holistic owner for the product vision and execution. Define the “what” with user stories and requirements. Drive thought leadership, gather and promote the most relevant ideas into features in product roadmap , across multiple channels and become an advisor to internal decision-makers, customers and engineers. Define the roadmap in line with customer needs and progression. Collaborate with industry experts and customers to understand where Tetrate products fit in the marketplace. Define customer experiences that delight them. Iterate our products quickly, by testing in the market and gathering high-quality, structured feedback. Be the acting GTM until we hire a team for that.

What you bring:

  • Leadership worth emulating. Ability to build credibility and trust
  • Hands-on experience with Kubernetes, Envoy, Istio, NSX
  • 3-5 years of product management experience building cloud from large scale infrastructure companies
  • Knowledge and experience in networking products in the category of load balancers, API gateway
  • Knowledge of application security protocols around authN/Z, PKI
  • Demonstrated ability to achieve strategic goals and to evolve product strategy based on research, data and industry trends
  • Ability to answer the “why” and the “what” and who can also engage in the “how.”
  • The ability to take projects from ideation to market testing to completion
  • Advanced technical degree candidates preferred

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Solutions Engineer

The Role - Apply systems-thinking to design human-first interfaces. Distill the complexity of raw Cloud infrastructure. We want to create a simple, elegant, visually pleasing experience, without compromising the value of the information.

You will help us:

Work with sales prospects to introduce and demo Tetrate’s products. Understand their current technologies and pain points, identify where Tetrate offerings could integrate and solve problems. Answer technical and product queries from prospects, gathering information from across the company and caching the results. Content marketing, especially technical blogs, speaking engagements and networking at meetups and conferences.

What you bring:

  • A strong understanding of the lead qualification and sales cycle appropriate to service mesh and kubernetes
  • 5-7 years experience as a software engineer or sales engineer; ideally a mix of the two
  • Formal or semi-formal education or structured exposure to Computer Science and distributed systems, and appropriate domain knowledge in these areas
  • Good understanding of DevOps, systems administration, APM, micro-service design
  • Familiarity with full-stack development and understanding of database schema (SQL, noSQL) for rapid prototyping
  • A strong advocacy of relationship-based selling and collaborative problem solving
  • The ability to own the full sales cycle from prospecting to some support. Previous start-up experience is a major bonus.
  • A reasonable ability to code and script, sufficient understanding of technical product offering and produce custom demos and proofs-of-concept
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills, good presentation skills
  • Experienced pitching to a range of people from Engineers to CIOs

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Software Engineer

The Role - Codify Service Mesh into components consumable with delightful human-centric interfaces. Our product suite will distill the complexity of raw infrastructure into clean, performant, ergonomic interfaces. We need someone who can help the engineering effort to create needed backend units.

You will help us:

Design, develop and test the backend components of our OSS projects. Collaborate with product owners, industry experts and other engineers during design and key implementation decisions. Iterate our products quickly, by delivering the smallest possible units of value to be tested in the market, with high quality. Contribute to our OSS efforts by code commits and reviews.

What you bring:

  • An exceptional attention to detail and quality
  • Ability to take projects from ideation to market testing to completion
  • Contributions to open source projects
  • Advanced level knowledge of container / container orchestration systems and how Networking and Storage interfaces work
  • Demonstrable hands-on experience in Service Mesh systems and how service discovery, routing, metrics collection, quotas imposition, authentication and authorization work within that context
  • Good knowledge of Authentication (OAuth, OpenID-Connect, Token, Certs) and Authorization (ACLs, Mandatory/Discretionary, RBAC, ABAC) techniques and PKI
  • Proficiency in golang, yaml, testing frameworks, CI/CD, Git, Unix CLI and SQL/NoSQL

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Front-End Engineer

The Role - We are looking for someone passionate about creating delightful human-centric interfaces. Our product suite will distill the complexity of raw infrastructure into clean, performant, ergonomic interfaces. We need someone who can lead the engineering effort to create these simple and intuitive interfaces.

You will help us

  • Choose the right stack of languages, libraries, and tools. You’ll need to balance a desire to leverage the latest and greatest tech in our greenfield projects with a pragmatic approach to timely delivery using proven techniques.
  • Architect our UI, taking into account data sources and formats, server vs client-side code, deployment options, scalability, etc
  • Implement the whole system – any server-side required, plus client-side structure, style, and code. You’ll be a team of one to start with!
  • Iterate our products quickly, by delivering the smallest possible units of value to be tested in the market, while retaining quality
  • Collaborate with product owners and designers to create a holistic vision for our products
  • Collaborate with back-end engineers to design the APIs you’ll consume
  • Build and maintain our website, blogs, and analytics setup

What you bring

  • An exceptional attention to detail and quality
  • A disposition to do the right thing rather than the easy thing
  • An “everything is code” attitude, and commensurate experience with git, branching strategies, PRs, code reviews, etc
  • An understanding that leadership isn’t a title
  • Experience with and opinions about front-end testing
  • Good knowledge of analytics products, feature flags, canary and a/b testing, dark launches
  • Openness to the idea of mentoring and/or leading a team of front-end engineers when we take on more (not required – happy for you to progress as an IC)

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